Paty y los payasos      © 2002 Marlene Llanes

This book teaches the vocabulary for feelings and emotions and it also teaches the importance of sharing. This book is in Spanish but if you want a bilingual version (Spanish/English) I can translate it by hand per request. Just like I autograph each book I will also write the English translation on the same page. I will position each sentence in a place where it seems part of the page. It will look hand-written but it will be by the author (more value!) plus I will make it look pretty. The price will be the same, paper back $6.99, hard cover $15.99 plus shipping. You can also order this book from amazon but it won't be autographed or

Este libro enseña el vocabulario de las emociones, pero principalmente enseña la importancia de saber compartir. Si desea una copia autografiada puede comprarlo usando el botón de arriba. También puede ordenarlo aquí